Virtual books:

  • Simpson, N. (2007) unpublished. Linnaeus 1707-2007. A virtual book created for the occasion of the tercentenary of the birth of Carl Linnaeus. Produced for display at RHS Wisley Garden to accompany the Linnean Garden Trail.
  • (2017) A facsimile hard copy of the virtual Linnaeus 1707-2007 book - unpublished, special edition of 3 copies (now held by the author, the Linnean Society of London and the RHS Lindley Library).
  • Simpson, N. in collaboration with Barnes, P. (2006) unpublished. Digital Diversity - a new approach to botanical illustration. A virtual book created to accompany the exhibition of the same name at Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem,  Germany. (Several pages shown above).


Selected published illustrations - digital:

  • Composite illustration of the sweet briar rose, Rosa rubiginosa, in the book 'Plant: Exploring the Botanical World', published by Phaidon, 2016.
  • Composite plate of the broad buckler fern, Dryopteris dilata, in Barnes, P. & N. Simpson, 2011. Digital Dryopteris - a new approach to fern illustration. Pteridologist 5(4).
  • Composite plate of the snowdrop, Galanthus nivalis, in book 'Galanthomania', by Hanneke van Dijk, published by Terra, 2011.
  • 16 comparative plates showing leaf shape, leaf margins and winter twigs, together with endpapers illustrating foliage, twining and leaf base terms in 'The Vegetative Key to the British Flora', by John Poland and Eric Clement 2009.
  • Composite plate of Arum maculatum in book 'Botanical Art' by Valerie Oxley, Crowood Press 2008.
  • Portion of a digitally created composite of Acca sellowiana as fig. 6, page 6, in Simpson, N. (2009). Colour and contemporary digital botanical illustration. Optics and Laser Technology (March 2011) 43 (2): 330-336 (Published on-line 10.02.09).
  • Composite illustration of Linum usitatissimum as fig. 2 on page 266, in Simpson, N. & P.G. Barnes (2008). Photography and Contemporary Botanical IllustrationCurtis’s Botanical Magazine 25(3): 258-280.
  • Comparative illustration of Clematis alpina and macropetala flowers in RHS Plant Trials Bulletin No. 21, May 2008.
  • Illustration of winter twigs and buds for article by J. Poland in BSBI news No. 107. January 2008.
  • Composite illustrations of Narcissus pseudonarcissus and Galanthus nivalis in Daffodils, Snowdrops & Tulips Yearbook 2007-8, RHS 2007.
  • Illustration of parts of a typical bearded iris in Bearded Iris, RHS Trials Bulletin No.17 by A. Cundy and C. Bartlett. May 2007.
  • Composite illustration of Larix × marschlinsii as plate 4, in Eesti Loodusmuuseumi Töid, Hybrid larches in Tallinn by Heldur Sander, Tapio Uusikivi, Alar Låånelaid & Henn Pärn. 2006.
  • Composite illustration of Ilex aquifolium in Bailes, C., 'Hollies for Gardeners', Timber Press, 2006 (page 12).
  • Illustration of flower structure of a typical fuchsia in Hardy Fuchsias. RHS Trials Bulletin No.12, by L. Jones and D.M. Miller. December 2005.
  • Composite illustrations of Digitalis purpurea, Viola odorata and Iris ‘Prophetic Message’ in Simpson, N. (2005) Botanical illustration goes digital, The Plantsman n.s. 4(4): 208-215.
  • Illustrations of leaf, flower and fruit structure of a cranesbill in Hardy Geraniums in RHS Trials Bulletin No. 10, J. Armitage, June 2005.


Selected published illustrations - traditional:

  • Illustrations of flower structure and of the underground attachment to host in Lathraea clandestina in Whiteley, A., Grant, M., and Simpson, N. (1995) Lathraea clandestina - digging deeper. The New Plantsman, 2(2): 89-91.
  • Map showing sample sites within the principle sites of Austrocedrus chilensis in Chile in Gardner, M. and Thomas, P. (1996) The Conifer Conservation Programme. The New Plantsman, 3(1): 5-21.
  • Botanical plate of Liriodendron tulipifera ‘Fastigiatum’ in The New Plantsman (1996) 3 (4): 209 in the article “Liriodendron tulipifera: the tulip-tree” by Stephen A. Sponberg.
  • Botanical plate of Crinodendron hookerianum published in The New Plantsman (1997) 4 (4): 209 in the article “The Quest for Chilean Green Treasure: some notable British collectors before 1940” by Suzanne H. Maxwell & Martin Gardener.
  • Full botanical plate of Schisandra rubriflora published in The New Plantsman (1997) 4 (2): 89 in the article “The genus Schisandra in cultivation” by Adrian C. Whiteley.
  • Two watercolour plates of Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Pallida’ and H. x intermedia ‘Diane’ in The New Plantsman (1998) 5 (4): 231 – 245 for an article entitled “Asian witch hazels and their hybrids: a history of Hamamelis in cultivation” by Chris Stand, Director of Green Spring Gardens, Virginia, USA.
  • Diagnostic features of Labiatae. Black & white plate of flower structure within the Lamiaceae for volume 6, figure 10 of the European Garden Flora, Cambridge University Press, 2000.
  • Diagnostic features of genera of Bignoniaceae. Black & white plate of flower structure within the Bignoniaceae for volume 6, figure 24 of the European Garden Flora, Cambridge University Press, 2000.
  • Watercolour plate of × Chitalpa tashkentensis for an article entitled “× Chitalpa tashkentensis; a novel hybrid” by Peter G. Barnes. The New Plantsman, 7(3): 132-139 (2000)
  • Black & white illustrations of tamarind, Tamarindus indica, in Gunasena, H.P. and Hughes, A. (2000). International Centre for Underutilised Crops, University of Southampton, UK.
  • Black & white illustrations of ber, Ziziphus mauritiana, in Pareek, O.P. (2001). International Centre for Underutilised Crops, University of Southampton, UK.
  • Black and white illustration of Zizania latifolia for the cover of  BSBI News, April 2000.
  • Black & white botanical diagrams of flower structures in RHS Plant Trials & Awards reports; e.g. Canna by Jacquie Gray and Mike Grant, September 2003and Shrubby Potentilla by  Diana M. Miller, June 2002.