What others have said:


"When I met Niki Simpson for the first time in July 2005 at the XVII International Botanical Congress in Vienna, I was immediately struck by the plant images she exhibited. They were novel in the technology used, yet followed the established tradition of conventional botanical illustration.

When Fuchs used hand-coloured woodcuts on paper it was then a recent innovation in the field. Today Niki’s innovative approach makes use of much more sophisticated equipment, yet her immediate purpose is identical to that of Fuchs and his collaborators – to produce a very precise illusion of a three-dimensional plant on a piece of paper. And so is their ultimate purpose; the accurate dissemination of botanical information."

Professor Dr. H. Walter Lack
Director, Berlin Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum, 2007
Excerpt from the foreword in ‘Digital Diversity - a new approach to botanical illustration’


"Fabulous and beautiful images. The virtual book is fantastic!"
Jo Lonsdale, visitor to ‘PhotoSynthesis’ exhibition, The Garden Museum, London 2010


"As someone who has had the privilege of working with Niki,  I have greatly appreciated her thoroughness and willingness to question.  Niki, with the keen eye of an artist, and the enquiring mind which is the prerequisite of the scientist, has challenged me more than once to explain her observations. She has been relentless in her pursuit of what might seem to be a relatively insignificant point, but essential for the complete understanding of a plant. Niki's work is rooted in Science; aesthetically attractive as it undoubtedly is, the underlying purpose is to communicate about plants."

Dr John C. David
Chief Scientist, Royal Horticultural Society, 2012
From the address given at the 'Take a Closer Look' exhibition Private View, RHS Wisley


"Really stunning images that are engaging, fun and so informative on so many levels."
Visitor comment to the ‘Take a Close Look’ exhibition, RHS Wisley 2012


"Niki's new digital work is challenging the role of the traditional botanical artist, but it opens up numerous educational and scientific possibilities."

Valerie Oxley

Botanical Artist, author of Botanical Illustration, 2008, Crowood Press.


"I am a huge fan of Niki's beautiful and informative work. I think it is fantastic! She has made significant contributions
to the future of botanical illustration and towards enhancing the public's understanding of plants."

Tania Marien, ArtPlantae, 2015   (educational online resource for plants & botanical art)


"Niki is paving the way across a field that has so much potential and her work honours the flora.  The amount of information included is mesmerising and must be a gift to any botanist or scientist who is looking for details of a particular species. Her work is a very pristine and beautiful art - a joy to view".
Coral Guest, Flower Painter, 2012


"Thought provoking, innovative and inspirational images".
Visitor to RHS Hyde Hall exhibition, 2009


"Fascinating, interesting and such a brilliant portrayal of plants and their parts."
Helen Allen, English Gardening School, 2012  (now Principal, Chelsea School of Botanical Art)  


"Niki has been a great influence and her work a source of inspiration to me ever since I began something similar in 2015-2016, upon completion of many experiments previously. I believe Niki's work offers a significant contribution to scientific illustration and portrayal of living species. In a world where species are more frequently becoming extinct it is imperative new methods of recording significant biological data are advanced. Please keep doing the work you do - it is loved and appreciated."
Andre Jagger, 2017.  Naturalist and Scientific Illustrator. Kwai Chung, New Territories, Hong Kong SAR, China

"Niki Simpson is a true pioneer in the field of digital botanical art.  Her emphasis is on accuracy and detail, illustrating diagnostic and taxonomic characteristics, creating beautiful ‘image vouchers’ which convey a scientific visual description of the plant concerned, while retaining the approach of traditional botanical art, in terms of composition and style...Niki’s is an exquisite approach."
Linnean Society of London 2018
from the citation read out at the Society for the Jill Smythies Award, given for excellence in published botanical illustrations.